About dr. Vikram Sarabhai

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Dr. Vikram Sarabhai is a scientist from India who is worldwide famous thanks to his priceless contribution to the development of modern India. He was a part of the Indian space research program and participated in the development of nuclear program on the territory of India.Cosmic ray and upper atmospheric characteristics study was the main area of his concentration. The fields were then broadened with funding from the Atomic Energy Commission to incorporate radio and theoretical physics. In his mind’s eye, Sarabhai saw a brand-new area of study for solar and planetary physics. Even more his passions ranged from sports to physics to statistics.

Unquestionably, Vikram Sarabhai had a significant impact on the growth of independent India. He made contributions to several areas of India’s economy that are still in use and have a big impact on the nation. He was not shackled by the comforts of a powerful, wealthy family to have a comfortable life. Instead, he built and developed a number of organizations that had a big impact on the nation by using his resources and knowledge. Though the road was frequently paved with difficulties, he was incredibly inventive, diligent, and persistent in his efforts. He achieved more in his lifetime than all other people will ever be able to imagine, and his services to the nation, his selflessness, and his vision place him among India’s greatest leaders.

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