Studying narrative essay examples is the best way to begin writing narrative essays assigned to students, especially when they do not have any prior experience with writing narrative essays. Narrative essay examples serve the purpose of illustrating how to write interesting essays and earn better grades. Narrative essay examples should not be mistaken with personal essays, even though they are both very similar. Most examples of narrative essays will describe an incident or an event in the form of a story. Some common narrative essay example topics could be –

  • An event or instance which caused a major change in life
  • The experience of learning a hobby or skill
  • A specific situation or incident which changed the way you perceived life

As indicated, narrative essay examples will primarily be based on personal events and experiences, probably those which had a major impact on your life. You should have something substantial to relate in your narrative essay and must try to make it special. Narrative essay examples which are monotonous are boring to read and stating daily events and details should not be the theme of your narrative essay. Before beginning to write, you should carefully consider several narrative essay examples so that you have a vivid idea of what you are expected to write and the manner in which you are supposed to deal with your topic.

Even though these essays are more like short stories, they will be real and true as compared to a story which could also be fictional. Most narrative examples essays you will read will be based on some real life incident which actually occurred in the life of an individual. One of the first things you will notice in a narrative essay example is the use of descriptive language. The vocabulary will be engaging enough to invite and retain the attention of the reader.

Some other interesting narrative essay examples can be found on the following topics –

  • An specific incident or event in which you were unable to prepare yourself for test or a final exam and the consequences you faced due to not being prepared for it
  • A special moment of enlightenment when you suddenly realised the importance of someone or something in your life – why and how this happened.
  • An event or experience from childhood which you distinctly remember – whether it was pleasurable or not and why.
  • All of us have a goal in life – state your goal and the steps you took to achieve this goal. Did you succeed?

When looking for narrative essay examples to write your own narrative essay, you should carefully study the metaphorical language and use of words to describe simple events and things in a more dramatic manner. Unless written creatively and with rich vocabulary, narrative essays can get boring to read. It is therefore extremely important for you to go through several narrative essay examples before you begin writing one of your own.

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