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Guidelines in writing your nursing research paper

  • Establish what you are interested in writing about. This will give you a good starting point by boosting your motivation and real interests.
  • Select a topic for your discussion. Choose one that has not been discussed in any of your class sessions before. The topic should also be significant to the general population-this can be assessed in terms topics that provide greater benefit to the people.
  • Ensure you build up the foundation for discussion by searching for materials that will assist you in writing your research paper. Collect sources that will help you cover the topic in-depth by conducting a deep research.
  • Your nursing research paper should incorporate the basic format of writing a research paper-introduction,body,conclusion. Your introduction should include the purpose of your investigation, the methods you use in your study or investigation and your expectations of the study. You may consider including a thesis statement about what you may want to prove in your research paper.
  • Write a reference list for your research paper. Include all sources that you used while covering your topic of discussion.